Seeds of Greatness

Our Seeds of Greatness Program focuses on creating long-term, sustainable results that heal problem areas typically found in traumatized individuals and in families where one or both parents are struggling to manage their own stress.  We work with: 

      1. Veterans struggling with fear, guilt, shame and anger that arise as a result of traumatic events or the stressors of trying to reintegrate back into society.

      2. Victims of domestic violence and/or sexual abuse who, besides dealing with fear, guilt, shame, anger and the effects of trauma, are struggling with low self-esteem.

      3. Troubled couples who want to keep their love alive and their relationship intact, but are unable to reach past an unhealthy dynamic to communicate, connect, support one another and enhance one another's lives.

      4. Troubled families where parents and children are at odds and unable to  communicate, connect and support one another.

The goal of the Seeds of Greatness program is to help individuals tap into their strengths and abilites and use them to their highest advantage for the greatest benefit to themselves and their family. Years of experience and extensive research has led us to believe that each and every person has within them seeds of greatness that can and will emerge and grow under the right conditions. This program is designed to provide the fertile soil wherein those seeds can take root and grow.

 Our programs have a twenty year track record and are highly effective. To date we have helped families heal, teens and adults redirect their lives toward a brighter future, and military men and women and victims of childhood abuse move past the effects of trauma and go on to lead full and happy lives.

We believe that everyone does the best they can with the skills and abilites they currently have.
Our goal is to help those we serve gain the skills and abilites they need to ensure they, their families, their community and society as a whole benefit now and over time.