Biosynomics Institute LogoThe Foundation for Positive Change is sponsoring Biosynomics Institute, with great hope for this bold new initiative.

The mission of Biosynomics Institute is to pursue and support the acquisition, dissemination, and implementation of knowledge and methods concerning local, regional, and global sustainability. The team's guiding conviction is that humans are part of Nature, not separate from it. Accordingly, the guardianship of human wellbeing entails stewardship of the planet. They seek to understand the fundamental nature of health, broadly construed as the optimal functioning of living systems, ranging from individual beings to the biosphere. Their endeavors are guided by the principles of science and social responsibility.

Biosynomics Institute is directed by Dr. Randall Reiserer, a scientist and educator whose professional experience includes neuroscience, neuropsychology, ecology, evolution, and behavioral health, among other areas. Members of the Biosynomics team have expertise in biology, ecology, psychology, biophysics, materials science, renewable energy, carbon-neutral construction, and more. Join us in welcoming Biosynomics Institute, and join the conversation about a creating a sustainable future for humans and the other species that inhabit our planet at