Make a Difference

We all have the ability to make a difference in profound and important ways; to give a child the chance to grow and blossom into his or her finest self; to provide a grieving family with solace and support, to help the ill and infirm get the care they need, or to help a veteran who bravely fought for his or her country heal from the ravages of war. 

We can make a difference by contributing time or money, or both, to causes which we find meaningful. And, as we give to others, we receive an even greater gift for ourselves because, as we touch the lives of others and help produce positive change, we feed our own soul and make our own life richer. 

The foundation of all positive change is consistent and dedicated action toward improved outcomes.
To affect positive change in your own life, discover what really matters to you and apply yourself to its realization.
As you step squarely into the arena of life and do something that feels important to you, not only will be helping to create a kinder, gentler, more abundant world for those your decisions and contributions affect, you will benefit yourself. 

If helping others get past trauma, fear, grief and other debilitating events so they can get back to life; if giving them the tools to be effective, happy and self-sufficient; to be great partners, parents, firends and neighbors appeals to you, we welcome and appreciate your contribution to our cause. 

Your contributions are fully tax deductible.

We  appreciate  your support.  


Who could understand the challenges a veteran is facing better than another veteran? If you are a veteran interested in helping your fellow veterans get back to a full and satisfying life, please contact us. There are many ways you can help; from volunteering your time or donating money; to helping those who need a coach or mentor to transition back into civilian life successfully.